Category: Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes

  • DAPS in a Container

    DAPS is OpenSUSE’s “DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite” that is used to build documentation for SUSE and OpenSUSE. It actually requires A LOT of dependencies when being installed and for that reason alone, it’s actually better to run it in a container. This is my image and how I use it. docker run -v ~/myproject/:/home/user […]

  • Creating the Ultimate Container Playground: Salt in LXD

    Introduction: Installing Saltstack The great thing about being able to spin up several new system containers running multiple Linux distros is that you get to experiment with software like Saltstack without the hassle of creating multiple VM’s. This can be especially daunting on a machine that is lacking resources. The following directions are how I […]

  • Creating the Ultimate Container Playground: LXD on Kubic

    Introduction LXC (Linux Containers) are whole-system containers. They are meant to be able to do just about anything you can do with a VM with a percentage of the system resources and and a tiny startup time. During Installation: During installation, you can pretty much choose defaults for everything except you will need to create […]

  • Container Confession

    Hi, my name is Jason and I use containers in other containers and I’m unhappy that I can’t run even other containers inside of those. I’m not a big fan of Canonical’s snapd¬†application containers, but they have one application there that I can’t get anywhere else for openSUSE outside of building it all from source […]

  • Deploying WordPress with SUSE CaaS Platform

    Introduction While you may never have a reason to deploy WordPress on CaaSP, the following exercise will give you a way to see how persistent storage, deployments, and NodePort networking work in Kubernetes work. It is my belief that a decent understanding of the theory around Kubernetes is useful, but an actual hands-on understanding will […]

  • On writing dockerfiles

    I came across an email yesterday before I went home in our internal Docker mailing list. The author was looking for a Tomcat container written using SLES as a base-image. I didn’t remember coming across anything like that so I checked dockerhub. There were several there, but most of them, including the official one from […]