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  • What would you like to see most in minix?

    I’m working on a couple of presentations and I wanted to share this nugget of joy with anyone who hasn’t actually read it. Path: gmdzi!unido!fauern!!!zaphod.mps.!wupost!uunet!mcsun!!hydra!klaava!torvalds From: torvalds@klaava.Helsinki.FI (Linus Benedict Torvalds) Newsgroups: comp.os.minix Subject: What would you like to see most in minix? Summary: small poll for my new operating system Keywords: 386, preferences Message-ID: […]

  • Linux newbies shouldn’t dual boot

    If you lurk around many Linux support forums, you are bound to see the regular post that looks something like this: Hi, I’m new to Linux. I tried to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu, now I can’t use my computer at all because it has errors. Help!!! Troubleshooting Grub errors is difficult enough. Troubleshooting Grub […]

  • Advice for Newbies

    I originally wrote this as a reply to a Reddit post but as I saved it, comments were blocked. Give yourself little tasks and projects to do. Think of it as being like model kit building. You start with the easy kits like a plane with just a few pieces and as you get better […]

  • KDE vs XFCE vs Gnome

    Chris Titus recently vlogged about an article showing that KDE 5.17 is now smaller than XFCE 4.14 in memory usage. The article says that in their tests, XFCE actually uses more RAM than KDE. I was very interested in this, but I couldn’t quite believe it and so I ran my own tests. First of […]

  • Creating the Ultimate Container Playground: Salt in LXD

    Introduction: Installing Saltstack The great thing about being able to spin up several new system containers running multiple Linux distros is that you get to experiment with software like Saltstack without the hassle of creating multiple VM’s. This can be especially daunting on a machine that is lacking resources. The following directions are how I […]

  • Creating the Ultimate Container Playground: LXD on Kubic

    Introduction LXC (Linux Containers) are whole-system containers. They are meant to be able to do just about anything you can do with a VM with a percentage of the system resources and and a tiny startup time. During Installation: During installation, you can pretty much choose defaults for everything except you will need to create […]

  • Alternative Wallpapers

    Since my last post was so popular, here are a couple replacement WP’s that I made myself from schematics for a classic Heathkit HW101 transceiver.

  • Why are there toilets on my openSUSE wallpaper?

    First of all, the entire wallpaper is here: On the right-hand side, there are these cool line-art cad drawing with Geeko in the middle. The problem is that these aren’t just just random lines nor are they circuits boards or anything like that. These are architectural blueprints. There are 5 full bathroom and a small […]

  • My SSH Trick

    10 hours of jetlag and rainy afternoon naps don’t mix. It’s 2 minutes to 2AM here in Provo, UT and I can’t sleep so I’m blogging. I want to ssh into a machine that doesn’t have any external IP. In the case of my situation at home, I get a 192.168… IP from my ISP […]

  • Stupid Script

    I just cobbled this script together to make starting up VirtualBox VM’s a little easier when remote. for a in `vboxmanage list vms | sed ‘s/^”\(.*\)”.*/\1/’`; \ do echo $a && vboxmanage showvminfo $a | grep -c “running (since” ;done This will give you a list of all of your VMs. Followed by a 1 […]