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  • An Update

    There have been a lot of changes going on for me in the past few months. Without going onto a lot of details that I would rather not share, I’ve changed a lot in my personal and online life and I’ve taken on some new interests and possible changes in my future. This blog has […]

  • Distrobox is Awesome

    What is Distrobox? Distrobox is a project that I learned about a few months ago from Fedora magazine. Distrobox is a piece of software that will allow you to run containerized terminal and graphical-based applications from many Linux distributions on many other Linux distributions. For example: You can run applications from Arch’s AUR on openSUSE. […]

  • The Wonders of Modern Life

    Last Friday, my wife and I packed up our car and drove 9.5 hours south from Prague, Czech Republic through Austria and Slovenia to a small coastal town in Croatian on the Adriatic sea. We used the Waze app on my Android phone for guidance all the way there. We stayed in an Airbnb that […]

  • Usenet Newsreader Reviews

    This is an idea that I’m playing around with. Here are some categories for any reviews. They could later depending on what I learn while doing the reviews. Availability Installation Setup Posting Articles Filtering and Killfiles Miscellaneous Features Final Comments

  • Long time no post

    For the past year, I’ve been posting to a private server that I was running. Now that server is offline because I need to save money and so I’ll be writing here again.

  • Why Stack Exchange is Broken (and Reddit too)

    I’m going to begin this rant by saying that there are some things that that the Stack Exchange network is really good with: mainly, programming help. However, it really sucks when it comes to providing help with a specific application where there is already a community. For the past year, I have been the #1 […]

  • Announcement

    From news.groups.newgroups: This is an official communication from the Big-8 Management Board. Please note that followups are set to news.groups. After a careful review of the Big 8 Management Board’s activity and process, all remaining members of the Big 8 Management Board opted not to consider re-election and instead have voted to install two new […]

  • Thoughts on LBRY

    At the behest of people like Bryan Lunduke and DTLive on YouTube, I have started using LBRY more and last night I even uploaded a few test videos of my own. I would eventually like to put up some of my own tutorial videos. With that said, LBRY has some serious issues. So, let’s be […]

  • Communities in the top 20

    Distribution Forum Wiki Community Membership Bug Reporting Mailing List Chat MX Linux Yes Technical Only No No Yes No No Manjaro Yes Yes No No Forum Only Yes Yes Mint Yes No Yes No Upstream or Github No IRC elementary Stack Exchange No No No Yes No Slack Ubuntu Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes […]

  • Email Consolidation

    I’ve got too many email addresses. I have: 2 for work 1 alias for 1 paid account with protonmail with 5 addresses shared in that account 1 very old gmail account (I signed up the first day I heard about it). 1 seznam account (Czech provider) 1 installation of mail-in-a-box with 4 domains that […]