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  • Fixing’s PDFs

    Here’s the webpage for a very early edition of Huckleberry Finn. If you open the PDF using a modern PC or tablet, it will look fine though a little slow to load. If you open it on your Kindle, Nook Color, or some other older Ebook reader that displays PDFs, you’re in for a shock. […]

  • Create a complete Tor Onion Service with Docker and OpenSUSE (EXPANDED)

    I wrote this presentation on the weekends in April and May and it’s didn’t have quite the details that I wanted to put into it. Mostly I wanted it to be short and engaging. Putting in every detail that I wanted would have (I thought) been long and boring. I would like to take the […]

  • Coming to oSC18…

    I was incredibly excited to get this message earlier this week and now to finish my presentation.

  • What is a CVE and How Can It Benefit Me?

    Like a lot of the things that I write here, this is a question that came up in a ticket that I worked on recently. A customer recently received a message like this: Samba is a freely available file- and printer-sharing application maintained and developed by the Samba Development Team. Samba allows users to share […]

  • About Patching: What is a Patch in SLE and OpenSUSE?

    A while back I wrote a post on why you should patch your servers. I think it surprised some people. I got at least one comment from twitter saying, “I’m surprised you get so many tickets on this topic since security is so important in enterprise server environments.” And yet, we do. At any current […]

  • SUSE Documentation

    Did you know that SUSE provides free documentation for all of our products to the general public in multiple languages and in multiple formats? Not only that, it is released under the GNU Free Documentation or under a Creative Commons license. As a big fan of the work that the Creative Commons folks do, this […]

  • How Low Can You Go?

    Every since my days on dial-up internet and telnet MUD’s, I’ve always been interested in low-bandwidth utilities. After all, not every user get’s to live in an area that provides unlimited high-speed broadband. Some, like those who depend on cellular or satellite internet, have to choose between work and watching a few YouTube videos. This […]

  • LyX

    Linux distributions are generally full of packages that have specific uses that most people don’t need or maybe they just don’t know that they need. In my previous post I wrote about QPhotoRec which I had never used before my little accident that actually saved me a huge headache. I didn’t know that this application […]

  • I Deleted Everything

    I goofed. I’m an avid hobbyist photographer and I happen to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Needless to say, I take a lot of pictures. Recently I upgraded the drive in my home desktop from a slow HDD to 256G SSD. My workflow is like this: I take pictures, […]

  • Introduction

    This blog is about literature, technology (mostly Linux), and my experiences as an American living in Prague.